Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2008 We Salute You!!

Yes I am aware that it is now February and this post should have been out to the public in January, it looks like my resolution to not procrastinate this year is already out the window. Which I think is a good thing because nobody can keep all there resolutions. So failing this one just paves the way for my resolution to get back to my birth weight is looking like a possibility this year. So anyway I would now like to take this blog and tip my hat to the best and worst of 2008.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull*

* I am aware it wasn't that great, what can I say I'm not only a fair weather fan.

Mamma Mia!*

* I saw this in London, the best Sunday there for sure

Horton Hears a Who


Beverly Hills Chihuahua*

* I know it isn't Oscar worthy but when you have a Chihuahua it touches you

Forgetting Sarah Marshall*

* Are those sad tissues? Or happy tissues?

Baby Mamma

Sex and the City

Nights in Rodanthe

Step Brothers

Marley & Me*

* Warning- I cried so hard that I lost a contact in my tears

Four Christmases

I do have to say that it wasn't a great year for movies, I hope 2009 brings some better choices. At least the movies that I did like were for the most part light hearted and enjoyable.



I Am Legend*

* I really wanted to like both of these, yet after two showings all I want is 12 hrs of life back

27 Dresses*

* Romantic comedies are supposed to be funny and romantic right?

Strange Wilderness

The Other Bolyen Girl*

* I still own this because I love the book and Eric Bana of course


Missy Higgens

Dean Martin

Josh Radin

Schylur Fisk


John Mayer

Blue October

Ray Lamontagne

Nickle Creek

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift


Jessica Simpson as a country artist

Sonic Youth

Cold Play

Cat Power


Desperate Housewives

Nip Tuck

Gossip Girl

Golden Girls re-runs

The Office

30 Rock

CSI: Miami

It's Me of the Dog

The Amazing Race

What Not to Wear

Little Britain USA


London- This seriously was the best experience of my life, London I miss you.

* Walking alone by the river

* Eating crepes at my favorite crepe restaurant

* The Tube

* Stratford and the bed and breakfast

* Ghost tours with Richard III

* The Fringe Festival

* The Imperial War museum

* Big Ben at night

* Holland Park

* The theatre

* Paying 15 pounds for Mamma Mia

* Minding the Gap

Horse shows with Simon

Winning big in Las Vegas

San Diego

* The zoo

Colorado Springs

* The zoo


Well here is to the end of a great year. I would like to dedicate this blog to Estelle Getty the wonderful Golden Girl Sophia whom we lost in 2008.

I Am A Poet & Don't Even Know It...

Ok So when I was younger I used to write poetry all the time. I actually got published in school newspapers and all that junk. I got some awards as well. I know I usually am all about the funny blog but the other day while on an airplane I just started writing and this is what came out on the paper in about ten minutes so I thought I would post it and see if I could still win junior high contests. Consider yourselves judges (even though nobody reads my blog) so have at it.....


Going through life living, learning who am I?

Loving knowing only hurt can happen in the end.

Taking moments and making them into memories

And taking the memories that hurt and willing them to become simple moments again.

Losing the ones you love and realizing life takes no prisoners,

All things good or bad will end.

Taking the person you thought you were and morph from the pain once more

Changes from the outside are masking the sorrow felt from within

People come and go, yet certain ones come and stay

They touch your soul and rattle all logic you once thought you had

Asking, what do I want from this crazy life?

Reaching out for something to hold,

Yet secretly wishing your fingers find nothing but air.

Picking yourself up from the ashes,

Seeing someone in the mirror that you don't recognize.

The face stares back,

And though different is fresh, new and full of experiences good and bad.

Another wrinkle on your face that the world I have lived and felt life.

Lines that say I have had dreams,

Dreams that I have reached and dreams that found me.

A face that shows the steps the feet traveled,

Marks of moments and memories,

Lines that say who I am.

Thanks for reading don't worry I am not going to go crazy and off myself like legit poets tend to do.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Cover

  Yes I know it looks small. But in real life it is a real sized magazine. So thrilling. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perfection Is Unfortunately Not Me

 Ok I know that I am a total blog slacker lately. I will give the suspected answer that I have been super busy doing things lately. I really do enjoy blogging to the zero people that read my bog, but the truth of the matter is that I am not that good at blogging. You see, I get ideas in my head and I think, "Oh I need to go blog about that!", but alas when I get home and get into bed I find my fingers typing in www.nordstrom.com instead of blogger.com. The truth is that I don't even feel tat guilty about my lack of blogging until my boyfriend one day happens to get bored at work, and wanders on over to anneup and realizes that I haven't blogged in three months(1/2 of our relationship) and calls me out on it! Well I am sure that this paragraph comes as a shock to most of you but it is true... I am not perfect people! Most of you I am sure don't believe me so I will now list some other things that I am not good at.
      I am seriously am the lousiest speller ever. As I write my blog all I see are red underlined words, and lucky for me my Mac is happy to fix them all for me. I am sure some of you have realized I also don't do punctuation..
     Sorry to my future husband(whoever you are) but I am not gifted in the culinary arts. You will have to spend a lot of time with take out, mac and cheese, tv dinners, and enchiladas because those are the only things that are edible that I create in the kitchen.
       Alright so I am not a woman who does mornings, is that really so terrible? The truth is that I can do certain mornings. I have been known to wake up for horse shows as well as the half yearly sale at Nordstrom.
       I am a big baby. When it comes to being sick I am no mommies brave little soldier, in fact I want my mom to be my slave and cater to all of my needs. I mean she should because I am certain that what ever illness I have at the time I could die from if not taken care of properly.
      Elaine(see babe I know Seinfeld) has noting on me. I am fine to admit that I am not flexible in anyway(again sorry to the guy that ends up stuck with me) and I have no rhythm. So in a nut shell I am the whitest person to ever hit the floor. In all honesty I really can't d anything artistic at all, I chose not to give art its own section in hopes that some of you are choosing to just read the titles and not the explanations...
  Well my pretties I will let you go for tonight hopefully you do not think less of me after hearing the not perfect news. Also don't be to shocked if I am single after the BF finds out I can't cook. See you in three months.... I'll try to make it sooner this way you don't get high expectations;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gypsy Fortunes

 Well when one is in Paris one must do the obvious thing and that of course is to venture into Latin quarter and have a gypsy* read your fortune. So following fate that is just what I did. Here is what I found out about my life past and present please enjoy...
  * I had a very flighty childhood
  * The years 10, 16, and 20 were very big 
  * My life has been rocky but is starting to smooth out now
  * I was in a major relationship that came to and end
  * I will get married when I am in my late 20's to a person I have not met yet
  * I will have two children
  * I will graduate from college but it will take a long time because of my successful career
  * I will have success in my careers, I will completely change careers at 35 and have it forever
  * I love to travel but while away my thoughts are always on home
  * I am very outgoing and go out at night because I feel I have to, but I'd rather stay in with 
        loved ones
  * I have a temper
  * It is very hard to get into my circle of trust, but once you are in you will stay in, however 
         once betrayed by someone they will be out forever. I will let them stay friends but not
         trusted ever again.
  * I will live into my late 80's 
 Well there you are please feel free to comment. In fact I hope you do.....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

London Is Calling!

 All right so I have not Blogged in a million years. Needless to say I look fantastic for being that old. I am writing you all from my holiday from Jolly Old England. I am here for a three and a half week study abroad. I live in a flat in South Kensington which is an ultra chic part of town. Lets be honest would anyone with my kind of celebrity status stay in any other kind of place? I think not. I have now been here for one week. I am going to recap the week for the sake of catching all my "readers" aka my mom who only reads it when I show her how to work the computer..... we love you any ways blessed. So any way let us begin.
   Week 1- After traveling for 24 hours I finally arrived in Heathrow airport and on to the Picadilly line tube. Great Britain is already so much fun with their thrilling words like Picadilly and Cockfosters! So after a quite enjoyable journey I arrived in South Kensington and now had no idea where my flat is. Turns out British people are not at all snotty, rude, and boring....well not rude at least, a man told me where I needed to go and I found it quickly. Note to all the American ladies out there, British men love our dazzling straight and might I add white smiles use this to your advantage as often as possible! That day after exploring my room and the rest of the flat which of course is at the top of one hundred(it feels like) stairs we toured around London on foot. It seems that I have waked more this past week then in my whole 22 years. This week I have seen many things that I never thought were possible for how little of time we have been here. These included- The play Pygamilion, which is a non singing version of My Fair Lady for all you non readers out there, a trip to the British Museum to see the Mummies, the new musical Marguerite, which had brief nudity for all you liberals out there! the best version of Twelfth Night that I think has ever been performed, a rousing game of silent football in Regence Park, A tour of The Tower of London where Ann Boleyn lost her head, seeing the play the Chalk Garden, bartering in Camden Market, a very funny performance of the 39 Steps, and a tour of the National Gallery where many paintings of ugly babies, and naked ladies are sure to be! 
  Well as you can see if you have not been to London you need to Mind the Gap and get here pronto! 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

Ok so this past week I have been ahving A Lot of random people tell me I look like someone famous,(which is silly because I am famous already, duh). What I find most interesting is that I obviously look like a different celebrity everyday. Maybe it is the way I wear my hair or even just the changes in the weather, but it turns out I look like a few different people. I will now post pictures of my self and pictures of the celebrities I suppose I am channeling and let the readers of my blog decide who I really look like. Enjoy.....
p.s- feel free to disagree and list the name of the celeb you think I look like...
1- Faith Hill.... I need to find Tim

2. Kristen Johnston... is it a compliment?

3. Renee' Zellweger.... This is who My Heritage thinks looks like me.

4.Charlize Theron..... I think the person who thought that was tweaking

5. Rebecca Romijn... I get told this one the most