Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2008 We Salute You!!

Yes I am aware that it is now February and this post should have been out to the public in January, it looks like my resolution to not procrastinate this year is already out the window. Which I think is a good thing because nobody can keep all there resolutions. So failing this one just paves the way for my resolution to get back to my birth weight is looking like a possibility this year. So anyway I would now like to take this blog and tip my hat to the best and worst of 2008.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull*

* I am aware it wasn't that great, what can I say I'm not only a fair weather fan.

Mamma Mia!*

* I saw this in London, the best Sunday there for sure

Horton Hears a Who


Beverly Hills Chihuahua*

* I know it isn't Oscar worthy but when you have a Chihuahua it touches you

Forgetting Sarah Marshall*

* Are those sad tissues? Or happy tissues?

Baby Mamma

Sex and the City

Nights in Rodanthe

Step Brothers

Marley & Me*

* Warning- I cried so hard that I lost a contact in my tears

Four Christmases

I do have to say that it wasn't a great year for movies, I hope 2009 brings some better choices. At least the movies that I did like were for the most part light hearted and enjoyable.



I Am Legend*

* I really wanted to like both of these, yet after two showings all I want is 12 hrs of life back

27 Dresses*

* Romantic comedies are supposed to be funny and romantic right?

Strange Wilderness

The Other Bolyen Girl*

* I still own this because I love the book and Eric Bana of course


Missy Higgens

Dean Martin

Josh Radin

Schylur Fisk


John Mayer

Blue October

Ray Lamontagne

Nickle Creek

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift


Jessica Simpson as a country artist

Sonic Youth

Cold Play

Cat Power


Desperate Housewives

Nip Tuck

Gossip Girl

Golden Girls re-runs

The Office

30 Rock

CSI: Miami

It's Me of the Dog

The Amazing Race

What Not to Wear

Little Britain USA


London- This seriously was the best experience of my life, London I miss you.

* Walking alone by the river

* Eating crepes at my favorite crepe restaurant

* The Tube

* Stratford and the bed and breakfast

* Ghost tours with Richard III

* The Fringe Festival

* The Imperial War museum

* Big Ben at night

* Holland Park

* The theatre

* Paying 15 pounds for Mamma Mia

* Minding the Gap

Horse shows with Simon

Winning big in Las Vegas

San Diego

* The zoo

Colorado Springs

* The zoo


Well here is to the end of a great year. I would like to dedicate this blog to Estelle Getty the wonderful Golden Girl Sophia whom we lost in 2008.

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Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Anne -
Where to start? Um, you really liked Crystal Skull? Hmmmm, I will need more info from you on that one...

Also, I say AMEN to your plug for WNTW...I put a link to it on my blog under the heading "stacy and Clinton" ... I wish they'd come to a dinner party at my house and help me with my wardrobe. Do you know they had a mormon gal on there once from Provo?